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It will be a great pleasure and honor for me, Osamu Iida of the Cardiovascular Center of Kansai Rosai Hospital, to act as Chair of the Japan Endovascular Treatment Conference of 2021 (JET2021). As with the last conference, JET2021 promises the most up-to-date and fascinating topics in endovascular treatment. To this end, I will be working closely with my trusted ally, Dr. Masahiko Fujihara of Kishiwada Tokushukai Hospital and the other members of the Steering Committee.

Organization of this past JET2020 started off with 4-track sessions in PAD/CLTI, Aortic, Venous and AV Access with plans for thus-far unseen daring and innovative programs. However, such plans were all shattered by the COVID-19 pandemic which made us realize how easily hours of preparations can be blown away in an instant. Despite this, we were able to shift the conference online through “JETTALKs on Air”, thanks to the quick response and strong support of the lecturers.

The JETTALKS lectures covered almost all of the programs and were highly evaluated and praised by the audience, including physicians, relevant health professionals and sponsors. When this web conference concluded, we received many words of encouragement and appreciation, and these were a great source of motivation in getting JET2021 off the ground. It is during such times of difficulty or crisis that we can truly feel our work is essential to society. Thus, the determination and strong support of the JET members and sponsor companies were crucial in the success of the JETTALKS. I would like to take this opportunity to express our most sincere appreciation to all of you who supported us through those trying times.

There is a clear distinction between JET and other large academic societies in that it is a meeting for physicians and co-medical health professionals who work with integrity to find the best treatment strategies for patients suffering from vascular diseases. The cooperation of multiple clinical specialists provides the power to always move forward in this quest.

We are thus sure that JET2021 will meet everyone’s great expectations. To fulfill the role of being the leading conference in endovascular treatment for any age, we promise to provide education and training that will be both exciting and instructive.
Please look forward to an amazing JET2021!

JET2021 Chairman of the executive committee
Osamu Iida, MD
Cardiovascular Center, Kansai Rosai Hospital

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