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It will be a great pleasure and honor for me, Osamu Iida of the Cardiovascular Center of Kansai Rosai Hospital, to act as Chair of the Japan Endovascular Treatment Conference of 2021 (JET2021).
The long-awaited JET 2021 will be held from April 30.
Looking back, due to the effects of the 2 Emergency Declarations issued last year and this year, in 2020 it was changed to "JETTalks on Air" and in 2021 it was postponed from February to April, making it impossible to hold the meeting as planned. But that's where the innate "unyielding spirit"
Based on "EVT love", we have continued to run toward the holding with our comrades who have strong feelings for endovascular. It was fun, not painful, to make the effort to prepare for the JET, but the coronal vortices were very cramped.

During this period, I participated in a number of meetings, mainly on the web. I felt anew that the source of our medical personnel's motivation lies in "academic societies" that interact with people. At the same time, I also felt that whether or not these societies are truly required by society would be truly questioned at a time like this. On the occasion of JET 2021, I would like to take this opportunity to express our most sincere appreciation to all of you who supported us through those trying times.

As for JET 2021, although it is a hybrid event, there are various "attempts", and I think it will be a meeting where the participants will feel useful and exciting. In order to position JET 2021 as a meeting that includes both " be sensitive to the timing of" and "tempting challenge", I worked closely with my trusted ally, Dr. Masahiko Fujihara of Kishiwada Tokushukai Hospital and the other members of the Steering Committee, so please look forward to it!

There is a clear distinction between JET and other large academic societies in that it is a meeting for physicians and co-medical health professionals who work with integrity to find the best treatment strategies for patients suffering from vascular diseases. The cooperation of multiple clinical specialists provides the power to always move forward in this quest.

We are thus sure that JET2021 will meet everyone’s great expectations. To fulfill the role of being the leading conference in endovascular treatment for any age, we promise to provide education and training that will be both exciting and instructive.

Please look forward to an amazing JET2021!

JET2021 Chairman of the executive committee
Osamu Iida, MD
Cardiovascular Center, Kansai Rosai Hospital

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