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All to JET.

This is Iida of Kansai Rosai Hospital.
Please forgive me for starting with a slightly presumptuous title.

JET 2022 is now less than 2 months away.
I believe that the doctors at each facility are engaged in medical care under various circumstances that are considerably busier than before in the clinical work from the closure and release of the ward in the corona medical care and corona cluster. Thank you for your hard work. And thank you always.

As JET 2022 is approaching, I am contacting you to say a few words because I am deeply moved. Looking back, in the last week of February 2019, the week after JET @ Tokyo ended in 2019, we started preparations for JET in February 2020 with Dr. Masahiko Fujihara of Kishiwada Tokushukai Hospital, who was my trusted. Preparing for JET involves drawing on blank drawing paper, which is time-consuming but very rewarding. I believe that thinking about the program from the ground up is a task to reflect on what each doctor or person concerned feels at the actual clinical site and what they see as the real problem. I continued to write and erase parts of the picture on white drawing paper, adding the best color and balance little by little.
The task of making the best JET 2020 was a tremendous one, but I still loved Endovascular and had a strong feeling of "JET to Asia's No.1 endovascular course!" and in the end, these feelings overcame any hardships, and when it was done, I was reminded that I had prepared the best program in 2020. However, as you know, the coronavirus pandemic hit us in February 2020, and JET in 2020 took the form of JET talks on air. At that time, I met Dr. Fujihara, whom I had met every week until the end of 2019, for the first time in 4 months, and I remember that we managed Talks by ourselves.
For some reason, "Ms. Tetsuko Kuroyanagi" was the virtual background of the presentation by Dr. Daizo Kawasaki, and there were times when I was trying hard not to laugh while sitting in the chair with Dr. Fujihara.
But I was convinced at that time that "meeting people" was such an invigorating experience.

After the incomplete combustion of the JET 2020, based on "unbreakable heart" and "universal EVT love," we teamed up again with Dr. Fujihara, hoping that we could hold the best in-person meeting on JET 2021 this time, and started the white drawing paper strategy again.
In the modern era, the flow of people was hindered due to corona, and meetings on the web, including Zoom, became the main activity.
Once in a while, the sunfish was released, and when I met with my fellow teachers, they cheered me up.
I realized once again that meeting people is ingrained in our bodies, and that it is a unique elixir for maintaining our own motivation that cannot be replaced elsewhere.
You don't meet people, but the pace of new products in this area has not stopped, but you can only meet teachers using these devices on the web. I didn't really know if this was exciting or not.
However, with my heart at room temperature, I was able to create the best JET 2021 program over JET 2020 thanks to the great efforts of Dr. Fujihara and all the warm support from those involved.
As expected, JET 2021, which was originally scheduled for February, was postponed to April due to the coronavirus, and when it was held in April, a state of emergency was declared.
Around that time, I and Dr. Fujihara came to be called the "curse of the corona" for the JET plan, and the atmosphere became one in which everything was completely hindered.
Honestly, I was quite disappointed, but I managed to get through it with much consolation from Professor Ohki of Jikei University. I felt that this was Professor Takao Ohki at the same time.
At the same time, I remember how happy I was for the teachers and other staff who gathered at the venue despite the emergency declaration.

JET 2021 also ended with incomplete combustion, but aiming for honesty for the third time, I started programming JET 2022 again with Dr. Fujihara around May 2021. The desire to make JET 2022 a success in person is even stronger this time around. However, the psychological damage of I and Dr. Fujihara from JET 2020/2021 remains more serious than we thought, and under the pressure that JET 2022 could never fail, we discussed with Professor Masato Nakamura and Professor Hiroka Yokoi that holding in February is still a risk in many ways, and asked them to shift to holding in June 2022.
In addition, JET Aortic asked for the cooperation of Dr. Shigeo Ichihashi and Dr. Naoki Fujimura for further power up, and JET-AV access asked for the cooperation of Dr.Kotaro Suemitsu, Dr. Masaaki Murakami and Dr. Masahito Miyamoto, who are the strongest playing managers, and JET-venous asked for the cooperation of Professor Hiroyoshi Yokoi, who is a teacher of this road.
For this preparation, we changed gears and started in early summer last year. There were also sad events during this period as momentum was building again.
Mr. Mishima Kazuaki of Kyoeisha who helped us live for a long time and Dr. Biamino teacher who is our endovascular teacher passed away. I really miss you. Against this background, Iida himself has decided to withdraw from JET work once again for the incomplete combustion of JET 2022. In short, I think in my heart that if Iida and Dr. Fujihara do it, things will not go well.
With the tacit understanding of Dr. Fujihara, "Radio in Iida" started as a preparation for JET in 2022. This is an attempt to convey the "thoughts and feelings" between actual clinical practice and research by introducing the latest evidence and giving you the raw voice of expert doctors.
Regarding "Radio in Iida," we have received positive feedback from teachers and other staff members who listen to the program.
I also felt that the comments of teachers who have gone through the shambles, such as Dr. Yoshimitsu Soga, Dr. Daizo Kawasaki and Dr. Tatsuya Nakama, are comments that cannot be heard at academic conferences or papers. Iida himself is very grateful for the opportunity to enjoy preparation every time and to read the paper every week at this age.
I can't wait for the day when all the English papers introduced on this radio will be sent by Japanese teachers. "Radio in Iida" is a preparation for JET 2022. I hope teachers who have time will continue to listen to it.

Lastly, I would like to ask for your cooperation regarding JET 2022.
Our goal is to have 3,000 participants in the hall and on the web.
JET 2022 is really a bento, but it is not a self-righteous event, and it is the latest event that shows the originality of Japan and can be accepted in the world (even if teachers from other countries listen to it, they can learn a lot).
There are many more thoughtful topics than new device results from overseas, and I think the total number of presentations will reach 1,000 at JET 2022. In addition, the LBCT (late breaking clinical trial) session, which has been continued since last year, has been targeting LINC, TCT, and VIVA until now, but the latest and greatest research results will be presented here for the first time in order to excite JET and like-minded teachers who are related to JET.
It's a return from JET, which we think has been nurtured by everyone involved in endovascular.
I hope everyone will come to the venue and enjoy the live JET 2022.

Once again, I would like to express my gratitude to Ms. Shimogama, Ms. Ishimoto, and Ms. Mitsui for all their support at the JET Secretariat. I would also like to express my utmost gratitude to Dr. Fujihara for his hard work in creating the JET 2022 program.

We are looking forward to seeing you again at the venue in Osaka.

JET 2022 Chairman of the Executive Committee
Osamu Iida, MD
Cardiovascular Center, Kansai Rosai Hospital
JET2022 Osamu Iida, MD

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